Hey everyone!  While the question is open and I still hope people continue to post their most influential artists and bands at https://midimike.com/2015/06/29/who-do-you-love-influential-musicianbands/ , I want to thank everyone for participating.  I have listened to a ton of new music.  With some I was familiar with the artist and others I was not aware of at all!  Even the bands I knew of, the suggestions were songs I had not heard before but were probably the best the artist recorded.  I would like to summarize the lists you posted and make a condensed suggestion article once I have listened to each suggestion a few times.   What music and band we like tells a lot about us in many ways.  This is a good community and we share a number of qualities and talents.  We have our own pulse.  A common foundation that is very cool.

  1. seagullsea says:

    Vob Marley, elvis, the quiet beatles songs, Neil Diamond tonight.quiet.does that imply I have a weak heart,

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