Peddle Down, Let’s Burn This Town

Posted: September 1, 2015 in My Tunes
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“Rainy Day”            

Cruisin’ down the avenue

Raining in the lightning.

Listening to the radio

Cruisin’ in the darkness.

           Peddle down, let’s burn this town

           Fire from my tires.

           Reflections in my rear view mirror,

           I will find tomorrow.

Comin’ down the avenue

Raining and the lightning.

Reflections in my rear view mirror

I will find tomorrow.

Go for ride real late at night

Rain comin’ down like it usually does.

So I turn the radio to the right

Playin’ the same songs as the other night.

So I slammed the door and I left for good

Now you find me driving in your neighborhood.

Don’t explain it to me, it’s well understood

Everything you do for me is for my own good.

           Turn ‘round the corner I’m still losing my mind

           So I punched it down and left it all behind.

           Tryin’ not to cry I push it all back

           Racing fast to nowhere on a one way track.

           No colors at all, just the burning headlights

           And the crackling of lightning tearing into the night.

           People ask me what I do at night

           I tell them only one thing makes me feel all right.

           It makes me feel all right.

Lyrics by Michael & Ellen Kennedy

Music by Michael Kennedy

(c) 1986

  1. :-). I’m a big fan of the 80’s music and this took me back. Nice one.

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  2. This is cute Mike. Love the vocals, very 80s.

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  3. laurietopin says:

    Love it. It’s great

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  4. David Kennedy says:

    Such a common theme in our lyrics. Tom’s “Night” my “Singing Wheels” we all had an affinity for driving at night with music playing!

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  5. buttercup600 says:

    Reflections in my rear view mirror…I will find tomorrow! Pondering your words…just lovely my friend! x

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  6. Susan Scott says:

    fantastic! Thank you!

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  7. nikcolewrites says:

    I enjoyed this.

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  8. Valida Muse says:

    Hey Mike–“just dropped in to see what condition your condition is in”. This is Val–I told you I’d be back once I moved blogs (and cleaned up the gumbo pots)–and that quote is ALL the words you’ll ever hear from me in the “rock” genre, ha! My memory is so poor–did we have an earlier chat about names for bands/music groups? I’m thinking we did–and was recently reminded of the a-cappella group, “Straight, No Chaser” (they’ll be in Seattle in Dec). Are you familiar with them? They’re very talented, enjoyable to listen to–and their name is, well–creative!

    Okay, I’ve caught you up to date, so Happy Labor Day weekend–hope you and the Mrs have fun/relaxing plans!! Not sure how bloggish I’ll be–my “honorary sons”, pro bull riders, are in Thackerville, so I’ll be “helping” them make the 8… Take care! Valida/”Val”


  9. DarkStarReviews says:

    So 80s! Great stuff! That kind of music had such a distinct production, not used much nowadays lol

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  10. writing, writing, words words words. says:

    I love Miricles. I was cleaning the house and cooking one day a while back and I let the 4 songs on “The Early Years” play in the background, looping (is that how you say over and over – I’m totally lost when it comes to music technology terms) and the music was such a pleasure. I love your voice. And just read that you are in/near Seattle? Me too, I live in NE Seattle, Lake City (blackberries bushes and strip joints, mostly, but we have a lot of heart). I’m waving. 😉

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    • midimike says:

      You ate more savvy than you might think LOL! Thank you so much for listening and for your kind comment!
      Unfortunately I live in Southern Ohio (No claim to fame!) but would love to say I was from the Seattle area! I have been out there syncs find the land and the people beautiful and fascinating.

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  11. rubiredsaid says:

    I’ve been listening to Late Potato and Red on my blue suede shoes. These are my favourites of the four! I wish quite often that I could play Acoustic guitar, but when I had the chance I wasn’t patient!

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    • midimike says:

      You made my day (again!). The guitar does take a bit of effort, muscle, and determination! Most people do not start playing right away. It takes time. Time you probably used for other important things. It is hard to do everything (well).


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