Having written songs with my older brother from the beginning, I often bounce ideas at him to see what comes back.  I remember (and take all of this with a grain of salt as I am not the best at chronology or details!) going up to him and saying something like… “I have this idea for a song and not sure where it goes, but I keep thinking get out of here leave me alone take it away, and that they want to charge us for anything.  Soon they will sell us air and water”.  Below is the result.  I called it The Pleasure Tax, and it is more relative today.  And yes, they do sell us air and water now!

I am very picky about tuning and tones used.  Putting new strings on your guitar was sometimes a luxury.  When I finally did it is like turning on a light bulb in a dim room.  Yes, you could see before but now you can even read!  Music can be like that.  Things are not inspiring or do not sound very good and you change the strings (or reed, drum head, pads) and BAM!  You want to go out and play it hard!

The tax is still out there, so be careful when you want to relax.?



Music by Michael S Kennedy          Lyrics by Michael S and Charles D Kennedy


Take it away………… The Pleasure Tax  4x

Verse 1

Take it out, or take it home.

Take it back, it hasn’t grown

Take it away or leave it alone.

Say what you want, or hang up the phone.


Put new strings on your damn guitar.

Make it simple, but play it hard.

He says he likes it I don’t know why.

We don’t understand but we’ll give it a try.

Verse 2

Hit the road or face the facts.

There’s something that your system lacks.

The very next time you go to relax,

You’ll go down from the Pleasure Tax

  1. David Kennedy says:

    My memories are vague as well, but for me the tax was always about the toll it took on your body/mind when you over indulged in anything. Sometimes it’s hard being Children of the ’60s.

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  2. othermary says:

    I thought it was interesting, in the chorus, how you stress the word “guitar” in the first line, but sing the word “hard” in line two rather softly.

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  3. Sam McLean says:

    Putting new strings on your instruments is an awesome way of getting inspired. If I feel that inspiration is lacking, I always try to get some fresh string to ‘turn on the light bulb’ and it never fails!

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    • midimike says:

      That is the way I feel. I play a twelve string acoustic/electric but usually unplugged. When the strings are alive it just fills the room with not bright light as you know, but…clear light! You can hear it all. You don’t guess if you are on tune. You are. Keep that light bulb on, my friend!

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  4. Thank you for following my blog , kindly give suggesstions about the posts,,,your feedbacks are wanted always

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  5. paula says:

    wow haven’t heard that one in a very long time……

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  6. edthehippie says:

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  7. Dan says:

    I like the energy in this song. Obviously the verses are great as well. There some cool energy about this song and the finger pointing (not direct, but cool and discreet) towards the ‘system’ is my favorite part.

    ‘Hit the road or face the facts.

    There’s something that your system lacks.

    The very next time you go to relax,

    You’ll go down from the Pleasure Tax’

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