**This is MidiMike’s daughter. I help my dad out with his blog. I wanted to tell all of you that this is, by far, my favorite song that my dad has ever written. If you stop to listen to any of the original tunes, I would highly recommend this one!! Thanks.**

And now a message from my dad:

On most of my tunes, I play all the instruments and sequence the drums and other sound effects.  I usually sing lead or I have my wife take the vocal lead.  Once I started working in music stores selling instruments and sound equipment, I asked friends (and customers at the time!) to come over and lay down guitar solos or I might have a guest vocalist.  What I do at Night was one that we did ourselves.  I play all guitar parts and the back up vocals.  I think at this time I had graduated from a Yamaha MT4X (I think they were called and this was a 4 Track double speed cassette recorder) to the Alesis ADAT.  So now I had an amazing 8 tracks to record on!  Actually I needed one track to record the SMPTE time code so the Alesis ADAT would sync up to the computer (now I actually have a PC and put the Atari in deep storage).  I can go into this details on this system for a later post when I am feeling nostalgic, but it allowed unlimited MIDI tracks on the PC or Atari and connect to the playback of the ADAT.

The song itself reflects my thoughts on a number of topics.  I really like to drive.  I don’t have a fast or luxury car.    I just like to drive.  When I have some free time or just want to think, I often find myself cruising the local  country side.  I would listen to music while driving and that sometimes adds to the frustration.  Most of the music you hear on commercial radio is garbage or re-packaged songs and ideas I have heard for the last few decades.  Like a lot of us struggling artists and performers, we see a bunch of bands with lots of air-play and they are just so-so.  OK music, but nothing special.  As a songwriter, I get so tired of the same theme or idea in every song on the radio and they seem to get played non-stop.

One line reflects this fairly well…. ” so I turn the radio over to the right, playing the same songs as the other night”.   Originally titled – “Rainy Day”, What I do at Night has become one of my favorite driving songs.  Enjoy.

  1. Steph says:

    Truly wonderful tune!

    I love driving to music too. Music is my spirited companion on my long drives to visit family. It would be awfully lonely and quiet without the pleasure of tunes.

    You are a happy person, i bet…because you have the gift to produce what gives others and yourself joy!

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    • midimike says:

      I spoke with my brother last night about your comment, Steph, and he said he thinks I am the the happiest person he knows. I am an eternal optimist and never fail to see the bright side or the glass as half full. I am no longer naive like I was as a child, but I simply love the potential human beings possess. If what I can share makes others like yourself happy as well, I am truly honored. (and yes, happier now thanks to you)

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  2. It is a good driving song. When I saw the title, the first thing that came across my mind was “Driving at Night” by Joe Satriani, and when I listened to your tune, it actually reminded me of the song. Here’s a link to it – it’s also good for driving, by the way.

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    • midimike says:

      Good analogy about leaving the music running….. very true and I can relate to that as well. I am very familiar with Joe Satriani and love his work. I will check out the link tonight. Share and Enjoy as I always say.

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  3. Rose Red says:

    This is exciting and original. Love it 🙂
    I also love to drive. Music is not always the same but it is always on unless I’m listening to a story on NPR 🙂

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  4. […] a rolling sequenced bass line.  You have heard my wife before on “All Night Long” and “What I do at Night” and this is another one of her gems.  The intro and break vocals are from Phyllis Ann, who toured […]


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