I don’t mind acknowledging that I am different than a lot of the people I know and hear about.

I am PERFECTLY OK with this.  I know my music and lyrics are not the typical main-stream songs blasted everywhere.  I will not appear on any searches.  Growing up and watching all the Westerns and TV shows, I never – not even once – wanted to be the cowboy or the soldier.  I identified with the ‘good guys’ as most kids do, but to me the cowboys and soldiers were not the only good guys.  I identified more with the American Indians living with nature rather than conquering.

I am not sure what exactly inspired this song when I started it.  I often think about music videos and how that could help explain through images some of the themes in this musical piece.  Possibly the new toys that could make sounds that added less traditional Western culture ideas and more ethnic and international instruments.  I also like contrapuntal rhythms and themes, so you will hear a lot in these pieces.


  1. David Kennedy says:

    Makes me long for the days when you would bring me a tune like this and the lyrics would just flow. Unfortunately my word wheel has rusted and stopped, but I can see where they ought to be. Indians are cool!

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    • midimike says:

      I know what you mean. There is so much to do….. So little time! For all I know we already wrote the perfect lyrics but they are still in some folder or notebook we haven’t gotten to yet. Agreed. Great culture, unfortunate history.


  2. Mirna Morgan says:

    Very, very good song….

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